With a Global practice spanning over 27 years, Dr. Jayesh V. Sanghvi MD [Hom] is a Homeopath, a Life Coach, a Wellness Expert & also a Magic Man to many.. He has always lived by the principle -. He believes that the Human nature is such that most often we complicate the simplest of things. The day we simplify the most complicated of situations life just amazingly turns around.

During the course of his Practice & extensive clinical research, what struck him was the Uniqueness of Applicability of Homeopathy, which more than convinced him that there was no other system of medicine that was so Simple, Easy & yet Unbelievably Effective..

Keeping this as his maxim, he evolved the concept of "Effortless Wellness". This has been the essence of his years of hard work & clinical research condensed into a program that helps develop & bring out the true potential of an individual, so they can live their lives to their fullest potential. It focuses on the prevention of disease by encouraging the body's innate ability to heal. It seeks to enhance the light and life force in each individual. Cultivating dignity and a sense of compassion, it restores a peaceful heart and a vivid sense of purpose.

Hailing from a family of Royal physicians from Gujarat, thus being a 3rd generation Homeopath, his tryst with Homeopathy has begun since his childhood. His undeterred passion for Homeopathy emerged in 1981 while studying for the same. From his plunge into formal practice in around the year 1983, he has seen multitudes of patients globally. His selfless dedication to the service of mankind has earned him an International Repute. He is the Director of "Dr. Jayesh V. Sanghvi’s NATURE CLINIC Super Speciality Centre for Homeopathy & Alternative Therapy."

As a Holistic healer, has incorporates the goodness of primarily Homeopathy and also nutrition, yoga &pranyam and postive thinking to help his patients. He firmly believes in Holistic medicine and the tremendous therapeutic and preventive influence that these exert in our lives, to keep us 'Well'.

He has always lived by the principle that - “In life, the most complex of situations can be simplified to the core, the day we believe so”. Keeping this as his maxim, he evolved and mastered the concept of "Effortless Wellness". This is the essence of his years of hard work & clinical research condensed into a program that is designed to embrace a life of health and wellness that would open up a realm of possibilities to live life to its fullest potential..

Dr. Sanghvi, over the past three decades, has interacted with patients at mind, body and soul levels to help their emotional and physical well-being. His observation is, more often than not, consciously or otherwise, we often tend to make the simplest of life-situations more and more complicated.

This finding led him to design his signature “Effortless Wellness” program. Effortless Wellness is the simplest yet one of the most effective paths that help you lead a superior, holistically healthy life not only for the present but also the future years. This wellness program requires hardly any effort; and in return, you leave a profound positive impact on yourself, your family, your loved ones and also those whose lives you touch every day..

Now, widely recognized as the Wellness expert, Dr. Sanghvi is bestowed with a unique recognition in curing numerous unusual ailments. He specializes in the treatment of disorders from such diverse fields as Psychiatry, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Neurology, Orthopedics and Oncology.