The Law States - “Similia Similibus Curentur” i.e. “Like cures like”.

In practice this means that a drug which is capable of producing a certain set of symptoms in a healthy body when taken in large physiological doses, will relieve or cure a similar set of symptoms in the diseased organism when it is given in small homeopathic doses.

One common example of the Law of Similars in action is the use of Allium cepa, or Onion, in homeopathic potency, to treat certain kinds of Head Colds. When someone has a cold characterized by red, burning, running eyes, the administration of Allium cepa, which will cause those same symptoms in a person without a cold, can help the body throw off or move beyond the illness (here the Colds...)

Since this law finds its roots in Nature, it is also called as “The Nature’s Law of Cure”. Thus it enhances & speeds up the process of recovery. This is achieved because it strengthens the body’s own defense-mechanism & build up the body’s immunity but also maintains a state of harmony between the mind, body & soul!

It also has the advantage of being devoid of any reaction or adverse effects, isn’t habit forming & is absolutely safe when given with any system of medicine.