Mahatma Gandhi said, “Homeopathy cures a greater number of people than any other method of treatment”.

Some well-known proponents of Homeopathy include the British Royal Family, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Pope Pius X, Mahatma Gandhi, Daniel Webster, Madonna, Ashok Kumar, Manoj Kumar, etc.

The Royal Families of Europe use homeopathic medicine and Queen Elizabeth II of England never travels anywhere without her homeopathic vials of medicine.

In a recent Global TGI survey where people were asked whether they trust homeopathy the following percentages of people living in urban areas said YES:

  • 62% in India,
  • 58% in Brazil,
  • 53% in Saudi Arabia,
  • 49% in Chile 
  • 49% in United Arab Emirates
  • 40% in France
  • 35% in South Africa
  • 28% in Russia 
  • 27% in Germany 
  • 25% in Argentina 
  • 25% in Hungary
  • 18% in USA 
  • 15% in UK

The popularity of homeopathy has grown in the past 30 years, its revival entirely through word of mouth and estimated to be growing at more than 20% a year the world over.