Rema Prasad

My son has been having learning difficulties since his childhood and he was assessed to be a borderline dyslexic child. He was finding it very difficult to cope with his academics and had a general disinclination towards studies because of his inherent difficulty. It was at this stage that his special educator referred us to take to Homeopathy treatment. We have now been on his homeopathic treatment for the last 5 years and we have found remarkable improvement in the following areas:

Tanvi Shah

I'd like to say that my experience at the Clinic has been wonderful .. I had constant bouts of cold and cough etc and thanks to Dr. Sanghvi that I have been able to get rid of it from the root. And touch wood I have not fallen ill since a year.

Juni Bhaduri

Dear Dr I want to share my experience with homeopathy with regards to my daughter improvement with dyslexia and also dyspraxia . Once my daughter staring going to school I can see her difficulty in studies and also in concentration and also she cannot sit even for 5 minutes also at one place and also cannot concentrate on any activity for more than 5minutes. So acute the complaint is. Later teachers and also friends started complaining of her poor tantrum.

Vandana S Mehta

Our family always thought that Homeopathy was JUST another alternate branch of medication, till we were introduced to it through DR. JAYESH SANGHVI (NATURE CLINIC) who had treated my mother-in-law's acute Arthritis and got her rid of the problem more than 20 years ago. Our belief was doubled, when my daughter who was severely COLICKY was treated successfully by Dr. Jayesh's medicines followed by my own problem with SINUSITIS.

Ajith Kumar Jhabakh

MY TOKEN OF APPREACIATION TO THE GOOD CARE AND TREATMENT BY Dr SANGHVI RESULTING IN A DEFINITIVE LONG TERM CURE AND BETTER IMMUNITY FOR MY SON NARENDRA JHABAKH My son Narendra Jhabakh was suffering from fever and severe tonsillitis while he was studying in Chennai for his class X1 and X11 .He was primarily in Chennai to prepare for the IIT JEE examination. He used to fall sick very regularly and thus all of us in the family were very worried.

Sheriff Ansari

Hello Doctor, My treatment is coming along fairly well. I have been having folliculitis of the scalp for the last 8 years and in the last 5 years it has spread to the face as well. In the face the affected area is the shaving area and in the scalp its mostly the lower part and neck region. Sometimes small pustules form on the back of the head as well. I had tried doxycyclin and isotroin but it only gives temporary relief and the problem kept relapsing.

Gaurav Virani

Dear All , I would like to express my opinion about Homeopathic Treatment given to my entire family . The very first thing is that we need to have patience with this treatment . There were many critical problems with my family members which were solved by my Homeopathic Doctor, Jayesh Sanghvi . We have to understand and follow the method of treatment given to us by the doctor . The most important thing is that we need to give little time initially after we start the treatment.


I have been a patient and friend of Jayesh for over 25 years( more the latter). I have benefitted from a range of ailments. To name a few, UTI( Urinary Tract Infection), nausea and insomnia.More than his treatment, he is a wonderful human being and I am glad that I have been associated with him, be it as a friend or his patient.

Radha Menon Srikant

I first met Jayesh, over 20 years back and approached him for my mother. Later I visited him for many minor and major problems, for myself. I had a whole lot of fears which stemmed mainly from a nervous mind. He gives me a patient hearing, reposes confidence and I have immense faith in his “magical humane touch”, in addition to his medication. I am always happy to have some one like DrJayesh in my life.

Ritu Suri

I have been in consultation with Dr.Sanghvi’s NATURE CLINIC after my surgery for breast cancer. I am under the able supervision and consultation of Dr.Nidhi who in true words is very good human being.

I, in a personal capacity, have been more than satisfied with the treatment that I am receiving for the post-operative condition and general health. Dr.Nidhi has been very kind and particularly compassionate and loving in the whole approach to a patient’s needs. Her very open and approachable demure is particularly very comforting for a patient and gives me the ease to interact and relate to her with my problems. The medicines that have been prescribed by her have helped me immensely in regulating my bowel movement and the upkeep of my general health after a major surgery.

My husband also has been under her able care and guidance and there has been a 60% improvement in the condition. We highly recommend Dr. Nidhi for her dedication, her commitment to Homeopathy her professionalism care, guidance and encouragement.

We wish Dr.Sanghvi’s Nature Clinic all the very best in this noble profession and we assure you that you will be highly recommended to our near and dear ones.