Every wellness program requires you to put in some kind of effort! We at Nature Clinic are proud to offer you a series of signature treatments under the label – "Effortless-Wellness" – a program where you are required to put in virtually ‘Zero-effort’!!

Effortless-Wellness is the essence of years of hard work & clinical research condensed into a program that is designed to embrace the goodness of health in the simplest yet most effective & long lasting way!

Effortless Wellness, an exclusive and comprehensive program, is designed by well-known wellness expert, Dr. Sanghvi. The uniqueness of the program is its simplicity and effectiveness with hardly any effort from your end. The result is highly profound and leaves a lasting positive impression in your life.

The "Effortless Wellness" program is designed on a few basic principles:

  • It’s never too late to be 'Well' and lead a life brimming with good health
  • You don’t have to be ill to be well
  • Wellness is for Everyone - No matter which state or stage of life we are in - right from ‘pre-conception’ to old age - we can always begin to start growing for the better and thus find ourselves living a much happier life & with great health, both physically & emotionally.

Nature Clinic’s offers a comprehensive and proactive holistic treatment centered on Homeopathy. The treatment you receive helps you across the various components of holistic health. We have seen that with ‘Effortless Wellness’, as people improve they see changes in various spheres of their lives. These being –


Being self-aware and enhance your ability to interact and have meaningful relationships with family and friends. To communicate and create a strong support system by healthy behaviors that will help to live in harmony.

Emotional health:

Inculcate a habit wherein you are aware, accept and manage your feelings resulting in an optimistic approach towards life. Improve your ability to express emotions freely and cope with stress in an effective and healthy way.

Careers – Family – Hobbies:

Striking a perfect balance between work and leisure time is the key for your overall well-being. Deepens a sense of meaning and purpose.Helps to derive utmost work satisfaction that has great positive impact on career ambitions and performance.

Intellectual Health:

Stimulates mental thinking and expands your knowledge and skills. To unlock one’s hidden potential and help exploring newer and challenging avenues to stimulate mental growth. As your intellectual curiosity is put to use, you'll strive to progress with creative endeavors.

Physical Health:

Develop optimal physical wellness through combination physical activities and planned nutrition. Understanding and monitoring one’s vital signs empower you to fight minor illness plus psychological benefits of enhanced Self-esteem and determination.

Environmental Health:

We begin to lead a life that is respectful to our environment and minimizes any harm done to it. Engaging in environmentally responsible activities. Maximizing personal harmony with the earth, while minimizing harm to it

Spiritual Health:

To strive in achieving a state of harmony with oneself and balancing inner needs to add meaning and fulfill a purpose of existence. Work on abilities to handle social and physical forces with respect to one’s beliefs, faith and values and enjoy spiritual health.

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