While the past one century has been a boon to mankind, taking us to an era, with gigantic strides in science, technology and unimaginable modernization; its complexities has brought with it a multitude of ‘life style disorders’ and other disease conditions that has forced the medical and science fraternity to take a second look to help man-kind out of this predicament that’s effecting their – mind, body and soul. The answer has come in the form of ‘Wellness’

Through his 28 years of experience, hard work & clinical research- Dr. Jayesh V. Sanghvi MD (Hom) – Director, Dr. Sanghvi’s NATURE CLINIC, offers a series of signature treatments under the label - “Effortless Wellness” prime being the “Effortless - Stress Buster Treatment” for Corporates

Our Stress Buster packages are valuable to companies for several reasons:

  • Helps Mental & Emotional De-Stress: Latest scientific research now claims that virtually all illnesses – from Cold to Cancer are psychosomatic in origin. Brief periods of stress can often be tolerated by the body and mind. However, prolonged and persistent stress over months and years, take its toll on the body and mind, if left unaddressed. Poor decision-making, confused thinking, poor memory are inevitable if the stress is not intelligently addressed. Plus, the body ages very rapidly under long periods of excessive stress.
    • Majorly reduces stress levels & relieves all kinds of negativity like – anger, worry anxiety, frustration, grief, that would otherwise have a detrimental impact on the body
    • Brings in a state of harmony at the mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual levels.
    • Improves mental clarity, concentration, cognitive thinking, creative problem solving, and memory… all to the company’s benefit.
  • Easy – Effortless Applicability – The only effort required by one is just to take 3 pills once a day & a Sp. dose once in 15'days.
  • It is Safe...
    • No side-effects,
    • No reaction - can safely be taken with any system of medicine
    • No over-dose or under-dose...
    • It is Natural, Free of any harmful ingredients, Non-toxic n Non-habit forming.

This Wellness program is one of the most powerful and effective systems devised by Dr. Sanghvi targeting the three important facets of any individual - mind, body and soul. Centered on Homeopathy, which is the only stem of medicine, which has the ability to go into the inner workings of every cell in the body and alter and remove the hindering memories of past abuse & trauma, which stops one from leading a peaceful life.

And only through the deep inner healing of the emotions stored deep in the psyche, after undergoing some form of a negative event, one can even begin to restore the vital force that keeps the vitality moving in our bodies and so brings us closer to Holistic Wellness.

Individual Benefits:

  • Ability to stay alert and manage time
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Relieve oneself from stress
  • Empowered to lead a life of desire
  • Healthier life devoid of sickness
  • Increases productivity levels

Organization Benefits:

  • Increased employee morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Improved organizational image
  • Fewer debilitating accidents
Effortless Wellness Stress-buster Treatment Packages