Nature Clinic’s clinically proven "Homeopathic Pre & Post-Surgery Recovery Pack" is a complete 'pre- and post-surgery' healing system designed specifically for patients undergoing any surgery – minor as well as major, including cardiac surgery, uterine surgery and even surgeries for various cancers. It helps a patient calm down effectively (by allaying his fears & reducing his anxieties), reduce blood-loss during surgery, reduce the impact of physical shock on operated organs, help patient heal more quickly, minimize swelling, reduce post-surgery pains, thereby minimizing the needs of pain killers, reduce bruising, speed-up wound healing, improve patient safety, prevent infection, and support the immune system.

Surgery is a stressful event that creates demands on the body. Healing requires that the body create new tissue and blood vessels, repair injured tissue and step up the production of cells that repair wounds. This complex activity cannot occur efficiently if your immune system is low, as it slows down the body functions too. This often has been associated with slower post-surgery healing, increased complications, higher risk of infection, and prolonged swelling, slower wound healing, excessive bleeding and excess scarring due unstable collagen formation that is necessary for repairing and building tissue damaged by surgery. For this reason, the "Homeopathic Pre & Post-Surgery Recovery Pack" can help in providing the boost to the immunity and the body functions which are crucial for healing.

When taken as early as 5-7 days before surgery and for approximately 14 days following a minor surgery & 4-6 weeks after major surgeries, the 2-Pack kit includes medicine/s that maximize your healing. These not only enhance wound healing and speed up recovery, but also, build your immune system and prepare both your mind & body for the surgery, as this will enable you to have better results by allowing your body to repair itself faster, promote better wound healing, limit blood loss, limit scarring, and reduce the risk of infection.

NOTE: It does not interfere, react or have any negative effect when taken along with Allopathy or any other system of medicine

Pre-post Surgery pack