Respiratory Wellness

Homeopathy, for the most important love in our lives our children, with their wellbeing as our ultimate priority, we at Dr. Jayesh V. Sanghvi's Nature Clinic understand and share your deep concern for their suffering.

Our compassion & care for them reflects in the gentlest form of treatment we impart, which un-failingly brings a smile & cheer on their innocent faces. While relieving them of the mental & physical trauma of visiting a doctor’s clinic, we turn their visit into a most pleasant, cherished and happy experience.

Dr.Sanghvi's more than two decades of rich experience in treating respiratory disorders in newborn, infants, children & young-adults (teens) all over the world, has won the praise of many happy and satisfied parents.

How the treatment works &its duration

  • During an attack of cold, cough or fever, in most cases strong drugs can be avoided and relief is usually quick.
  • Within 3-6 months, frequency, intensity or duration of respiratory infections reduce, as body's immunity develops.
  • After a course of 1-2 years, the respiratory system and overall immunity become much stronger, often resulting in a holistic cure.

Diseases Treated

Tendencies to all types of upper and lower respiratory infections like, Colds, Coughs, Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Primary Complex, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Rhinitis etc. can become overcome by our highly specialized form of treatment offered that works at the Constitutional-levels and hence rids the disease from its deepest levels, even if genetic or hereditary.. This is the power of Homeopathy coupled with our vast experience.

Respiratory Therapy