Even before the concept of Tele-Consultation came in, Dr. Jayesh V.Sanghvi with one third his patient clientele based worldwide, has been renowned for treating and curing his patients over the phone, since 1984.

Patients have been treated and relieved or cured of Chronic ailments [including Cancer], worldwide, without ever meeting them! We are also known to manage - Acute & Critical Emergencies in cities across the world- with patients at deathbed, or in the ICU's, when all hope’s given up; theirtreatment is guided over the phone, with the patient’s family giving a feedback every few hours and this ultimately ending, very often in the recovery of the patient.

Little over 80% of our practice in Chennai is also managed over the phone

Thus, today, NATURE CLINIC has built a tele-medicine network, which connects us globally, so expert homeopathic care is never out of reach to provide Super Speciality and quality healthcare services.